Friday, March 13, 2020

Hope of My Future

When I take my final breath
When it comes my time for death
The grace of God I will clearly see…
This truth will stand there by my bed,
Whether sooner comes in later's stead
Your mercy and your kindness embrace me

And when I come to die
On this I can rely
The grace of his kind mercy guards deaths door
Infinitely tender hands
Will lift me up to the promise land
Where I will dwell with God forevermore

Bridge-Hope of my future, and all I believe
the power to serve and the good sense to grieve
Those who weep will surely reap
A harvest of souls before we leave

So when it comes that day
When the race is run I pray
That you will visit me with tender grace
Then I will come to see
Through all eternity
The hope of glory when I see your face

Anthony Foster

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