Saturday, July 18, 2020

Anthony sez, I read a lot of research and sometimes the design flaws just jump out at me.The study had 56 guitarists play six guitars that were built by one luthier with different woods on the back- and that was the only difference in them. The guitarists were is a dark room with welding goggles so they couldn't see the woods. Each guitar was compared with the others and each pairing had a winner. Their findings were that almost no difference in sound quality was discerned by the guitarists. The rankings were 1.Sapele, 2.Mahogany, 3. Indian Rosewood, 4. Brazilian Rosewood, 5. Walnut and 6. Maple.- but the largest rating difference was 0.2 overall. That is really close. The basic issue is that the soundboard (top) and the results of aging is generally recognized as being the main differentiators when it comes to sound quality. I have to say that my handbuilt early 70's old growth Brazilian rosewood guitars with German spruce tops and bracing sound better than anything else I have played. Since these guitars in the study had not aged and had the same soundboards the results were predictable, I think.
Check this out and see if old growth Brazilian with German spruce top and bracing works for you... Sound of Music....

Hiding Place


Engulf and surround me

Love of God astound me

Hide me in Your glory

Love of God restore me

How can is be?


Oh the sweet sweet love of God

The sweet sweet love of God

Set my heart on ----

Nothing else satisfies

You promised to fulfill it

Fill my heart and soul and eyes


You are my hiding place

My shelter from the storm

In your abiding grace

I find my hiding place


I will never quit praying

Change the fallow ground to hallowed ground

Song of deliverance

Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven

You forgive the stains of my sin

The guilt has been absolved

You are my hiding place


Anthony Foster

November 14, 2015

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