Saturday, November 3, 2018

Beloved Jesus


Beloved Jesus, I have not loved you well
The many times Ive turned away only you can tell
But I have come back running and have fallen at your feet
You took me back with open arms, forgiveness is complete

My refuge is the God of love; You are my best reward.
I set my mind on things above my joy, my rest, my Lord
Jesus my Love shall guard me safe From every ill design;
And to his heav'nly kingdom keep This feeble soul of mine.

Jesus my beloved your counsels guide me right;
My Joy will forever increase if In your presence I delight.
One day I ll see your lovely face With strong immortal eyes;
And feast with you on unknown grace With pleasure and suprise.

Beloved Jesus, your steadfast love prevails
So many times you’ve borne me up when my ambition fails
There at the throne of grace I stand protected from all harms,
I would rest within your courts and shelter in your arms

He knows my tears, he counts my groans,
His Spirit heals my broken bones,
He is my beloved alone…

Beloved Jesus I love you-You are my great desire
Altars, and rites, are n’er enough Without my Beloved’s fire.
To humble souls and broken hearts He with his grace comes nigh;
Pardon and hope His love imparts, When men in deep repentance lie.

Some words after Isaac Watts
Anthony Foster
November 3, 2018

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