Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Indiana Jones-spoliers ahead!

How long has it been? Almost twenty years? Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones. It's all there, the walk, the talk, the silliness, the fistfights. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly as you can tell.

Some movies just demand to be enjoyed and forget about the flaws. But then, that wouldn't make much of a review.

The big issue is the absurdity element. The earlier stories were made to seem to be almost believeable, but when you have Indy surviving an H-bomb test in a 1950's Frigidaire in the opening scenes and then opening the refrigerator door from the INSIDE to walk out without a scratch (that's a REAL trick) I got the sense that anything would be fair game. And it was. The poor Ark of the Covenant got left in the dust (and in the warehouse) for this foray into the cartoon unknown.

More to come...

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