Saturday, April 25, 2009

This week with wherewithal

Monday-Wednesday: Completed a curriculum design for a Physician Assistant program which was one of the more complex programs I have encountered.Had a tree removed that we tried to save after the ice storm.
Thursday completed a Pre- PA curriculum and sent if off to have books mapped.
Friday- almost completed a Clinical Lab Tech curriculum for an AS degree sans competencies mapped-will get to that asap.
Tomorrow- attending a seminar on alternatives for disciplining special needs kids.
Sunday- Teaching in Hebrews 2:1-4 in the Expositors class.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Reality and reality

My wife asked me to take a listen to the Susan Boyle videos on YouTube this weekend. My initial gut reaction was joy at a bit of reality breaking through inside the context of some of the most pretentious cultural fare television has to offer. The blogs variously take for granted she has never been kissed, that she is Shrek-like (Rosie O’Donnell quote), and that this is her fifteen minutes of fame.

Susan Boyle has a God given gift to go through life with. I hope she is able to share it in a way that does not take away from it. The very appearance on the show and the desire to please such a crass, jeering, sarcastic audience makes me wonder. There is already talk of makeovers and contracts. I can only hope the marketing machinations will not mitigate the beauty of the gift.

It is my belief, and my experience, that most of the most beautiful displays of God given talent emanate from hidden sources, away from the limelight, in place such as country churches and family gatherings, in impromptu jam sessions and coffee houses for a limited and intimate audience to savor. Turning the spotlights on tends to distort the effect of beauty and simplicity.

Most of the blogs I've read are focusing on her outward appearance- they cannot seem to help themselves- to me she looked like a normal human being, like many (most) of the people I know. The very idea that such a person has anything to offer seemed to blow away the crowd and judges, which says far more about them than it does about Ms. Boyle. I hope she is able to have the peace to be able to continue to visit her church’s shut-ins, something far more important in the eyes of the Lord than all the media blitz. Perhaps she will be able to become a role model based on the beauty of her voice and the compelling soul she bared. I also liked her response to Simon Cowell's contention that she was a "tiger," dismissing the idea out of hand.

Talent is a curious thing. Most of what passes for talent in today’s world is a corruption. I look at the talent present in the early vaudevillians, and early movie performers - they seemed to have true talent based on the hard, hard work they put into perfecting their acts. Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell in Broadway Melody of 1940 springs to mind. Or an early Pavarotti concert captured for the ages. No fancy editing, no cutting room editor’s enhancement, no special effects. Just pure, raw talent perfected by hard work into a diamond.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wotta Lotta week

*Monday- Finished the information Technology program Core then worked on Prospectus after work.

*Tuesday- Began BA/BS Business with a Healthcare focus curriculum design and after work worked on Prospectus continued until 5:30 AM

*Wednesday- Got up at 8AM Drove the Prospectus, Research Profile, and Ethics Committee forms to Southern. Done! Came home and finished the Business Curriculum and sent it off. Went to Highview and filled out cards for ABF event.

*Thursday- Curriculum Design- Medical Assisting with a Certified Nursing Assistant Certification Designed and sent off. Met with Missy for home study. Watched a really bad Fred Astaire movie we had never seen- Second Chorus...

*Friday- GED curriculum designed and sent off. Checked MERLOT again and their server is down YET AGAIN. They say "sorry for the inconvenience"- I have a collection of those now I should try to sell on ebay. But who would buy that?

My mind...where di di ditit go? Ready for a weekend as I have already written-a week ahead- the Expositors class lesson for this week at Highview.

Last week-

*Defended prospectus Thursday successfully- but I don't get an extension on time must finish the revisions over Easter weekend.

*Good Friday- Was supposed to be off, but worked on a Information Technology core curriculum Design instead.

*Saturday- Prepared ABF lesson and then worked on Prospectus rest of day into the night.

*Resurrection Sunday- He is Risen! He is risen indeed- but I barely am.

I taught on the exaltation of the stone that was rejected and the link between 1 Cor 15:24 ff and Hebrews 1:13-----Psalm 110:1. We had dinner at Moms with the family but I wasn't much company. Came home and napped.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Tools for EdTech

• The Chronicle- How to create MicroLectures- and a bit of controversy- HERE

• Campus Technology- Abilene Christian University and Embanet have developed a new ePortfolio system for use with ACU's Moodle learning management system. HERE

• takes social networking to create a space to trade and compare class notes, form study groups and utilize fellow students as resources for academic success. HERE

• Blackboard has released a new LMS tool for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch- THE Journal- HERE


From FutureThinking:

It's been an exciting few weeks for some of the world's most famous innovators. Apple unveiled the latest iPhone/iPod Touch operating system (who knew software could be so exciting?) and unveiled its third-generation iPod shuffle. Amazon released the Kindle2, a welcomed follow-up to its popular eReader. Facebook updated its homescreen layout. Google released a new 'Undo Send' feature to GMail. The list goes on—you get the idea.

The point is that things are still happening—despite all the negativity out there, smart companies are still plugging forward and improving their offerings.