Monday, August 10, 2015

I just finished working on the first draft of the documentation for my sister in law's application for the DAR and in the process was edified and my mind directed toward the social events of my family that have shaped its  character through the centuries. As a tribute, here are the thirty Patriots (15 Smith/15 Foster) in our Smith and Foster lines:

John Anthony
Ignatius Brashears
Charles Broughton
Michael Carpenter
John Cecil
Job Curtis
Henry Hart
John Marshall
William Mattingly
Samuel McCune
Jacob Mooney
Lewis Richards
Stephen Roby
Randolph Slack
Thomas Stafford
Enoch Stone
John Stone
Butler Stonestreet
John Summers
Bennett Thompson
Stith Thompson
Richard Tunstall
William Tunstall
Wynant Van Der Poel
James Wait
Thomas Weakley
William Whitledge
Mandley Winstead
Samuel Winstead
William Wyatt

Interestingly, our direct Smith and Foster ancestors were born too early or late for actively engaging in the conflict.