Tuesday, February 26, 2008



In accustomed amazement- unified harmony
With expected atonishment from slaves who are free
With familiar surprise- and unexpected certainty
Fools and clowns who are wise
Shall see…With unfathomable clarity.

In our satisfying hunger-And in shocking expectation
And a disciplined freedom See the hidden revelation
In diversity unified In a difficult delight
And intoxicating soberness made right
We live in the light of this unseen sight.

It is both a departure and a return
Both a fire to build and to burn
A resolution and a second verse
Now the blessing is found in the curse.
Because the Worthy One owned poverty
He died like a thief so this thief could go free.

It both a great journey and a dear destination
Where the mourners rejoice in the poor’s exaltation
Now the weak are made strong, made rich as we give
In this life where we die and this death where we live.
In this life where we die and this death where we live.

In this life where we die and this death where we live.

Anthony Foster
Inspired by G. M. Prince "The Paradox of Creativity"
February 26, 2008

Hold on Tight

We need to hold on tight right now
With all our might right now
And know the Father is holding you
And none can break His grip- we know it's true

Hold on to God in this circumstance
Hold on to God in a daily dance
And let Him call the holy tune
As we dance by the light of the moon.

Righteous romance
A delightful dance
Step by step and turn by turn
Kept in the arms for which we yearn…

And then when the dancing is done
We shall rest in the arms of our beloved One
There to weep with rejoicing and dry with delight
To be drawn to his side as He holds us so tight.

Anthony Foster
February 25, 2008

Become the Light

Sitting in darkness and see the great light
In this deathly shadowland
Dawn breaks upon our sight
Repent for the Kingdom is at hand

Repent, repent
Salvation is heaven sent
He will dispel the darkest night
When we become the light

Repent, repent,
The darkness will relent
The blind will gain their sight
When we become the light

You are the shining city of God
Set on a hill for all to see
You are the light of the world
Christ in us shines from eternity

Oh the light drives the darkness out
The light shines on our sin and doubt
So open up your eyes to see
The sun of righteousness arise in you and me.

Anthony Foster
February 25,2008

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