Saturday, February 13, 2010

Redefining Normal

Turned in the defense draft of my dissertation yesterday. There's more to do in terms of preparation for the defense in March, and prepping for graduation in May, but I am mostly done, and am having to readjust to getting up on a Saturday morning with no research to do. I think I can adjust quite nicely, given a little time. We are ready to fly the coop and the weather is not cooperating. Bad, weather.

I am sitting and thinking back on the last five years that have flown oh, so quickly. The outstanding feature of this process is that it became an act of worship and sacrifice somewhere along the way. The discipline of simply doing something "as unto the Lord" changes your life. I thought I knew all about that before we started this process, but new lessons were surely learned.

New challenges lay ahead as we transition again to a new phase. We don't know whether that means staying put or sojourning to a new situation or even a physical relocation. I am sure that God will make it obvious in our lives and the call will be clear. This has become a reality for us and I never want to live life any other way than that.

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