Monday, December 20, 2010

The Horizons of my Heart

Expand the horizons of my heart
That I may love like you
Take me beyond my uttermost parts
To a world where grace rings true

Increase the boundaries of my soul
Far beyond any man made chart
Take me to that holy goal
Expand the horizons of my heart

Beyond the sunset of my desire
Set in me a holy fire
That lights the twilight with its glow
Where the Morningstar rises I'll go.

A bold explorer of your grace
A sojourner in your joy
A traveler beyond time and space
Where boundaries are destroyed

Expand the horizons of my heart
That forgiveness and mercy may grow
Make my life a work of your art
Displayed your love to show

Till I live and move for your sake
Lord expand my capacity
Till I learn to give more than I take
And your face is all I see

Anthony Foster
December 20, 2010

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