Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As We Arise (Easter Pledge)

Christ has become our only dream
The risen reality that redeems
Bearing our cross we bear much fruit
Running the race in holy pursuit

We pledge to live what we believe
We will not live like those who grieve
We rise like an eagle when he flies
Giving you glory as we arise

Fixing our eyes upon your throne
No other God but you alone
Lifting us up on wings of grace
You transformed all the dreams we chase

Satan may scheme to take us down
But we'll respond as those who’ve found
The Hope and peace that never dies
Giving you glory as we arise

Our destination in the race
To become a people full of grace
To rule and reign with you as your own
And to finally know as we are known

And so to live is Christ and to die is gain
This is our joy as we remain-
Resurrection power that never dies
We give you the glory as we arise.

Anthony Foster
April 19, 2011

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