Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bringing Beauty From ashes

We all know loss, we all know what it costs
To follow our own way
To suffer when we go astray.
There are times when it is not our fault
Beyond our control comes the assault
To devastate our life
The world and the devil know how to dish strife!

But when you’ve been betrayed
Bereft, abandoned and afraid
There is a Savior who will do what it takes
There is a Savior who will never forsake.

From the ruined and wrecked
The good true tower He’ll erect
From broken pieces of shattered dreams
He restores, reconciles, and redeems.

From ashes of hope left in the void
Remnants of promises now destroyed
By sin and rebellion, evil and pain
Given to Jesus our loss becomes gain.
He takes broken pieces as a sweet offering
And beauty from ashes Christ brings.

Anthony Foster
June 15, 2011

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