Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Blood of Love

In the inescapable darkness
Deliverance was not in view
But light has shined in darkness
The advent of the TRUE
Remember and rejoice
Watch and wait
For the fulfillment of His promise is come
Source of  our Magnificat

What great things has God done for me?
A wretched man was I.
The flood of judgment mine.
When I was dead he drew me
He gave salvation to me
Now in The blessed Love of Christ
Forever I abide

Oh deep, deep love
Precious gift from God above
Grows ever deeper still
In the living of His Will.
Oh deep deep love
This itself will be enough
This alone can satisfy
The blood of love will be our cry.

In the valley of the shadow of death
The devil wants our final breath.
Drowned in oceans of deep darkness
Or into hell’s futile abyss
To take us Down into the depths of judment’s flood
But deeper is the fountain filled with blood.

So align my heart with your heart
Remove anything that would keep us apart
Make my heart tender as I surrender
Open my heart to its innermost part

As true service I seek, forge my affections
Into a heartfelt connection
Take my motives I pray
And renew them today
Powered by your resurrection!

Ps. 42:7

Anthony Foster
September 2013

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