Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Arise and behold the glory

Arise and behold the glory
Wonder at the holy mystery
Behold the fullness of the Godhead
Incarnate in humble humanity
To be our ransom and reward
He took on flesh as living Word
So ever may he be adored
And ever may our praise be heard!

Arise and behold the glory
Of the suffering Son of Man
Who presents us with God’s image
Pure and undefiled by Sin.
All the first Man failed to do
The second Adam has fulfilled
He has overcome temptation
And true Israel’s revealed.

Arise and behold the glory
Of the lamb for sinners slain
How his death has led to victory
How there’s healing in His pain.
See the sacrificial proxy
In this the perfect substitute
For the redemption of our souls
This is love, immense and true

Those who dwell in the darkness of night
Turn your eyes and lift your gaze
Now in His advent, behold life and light
In the condescending Ancient of Days

Arise and behold the glory
His before the creation’s dawn
Though forsaken, dead and buried
Here true mystery’s reborn
Now in resurrection power
See him crush the serpent’s skull
See his enemies now conquered
And the curse is void and null.

Arise and see the glory
Of our interceding priest
The hIgh and holy Son of God
May His government increase
Yea forever and forever
Will will yield up all our praise
To the mystery revealed to us
Christ in us for all our days

Anthony Foster
March 10, 2014

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