Friday, December 13, 2019

Singer of Joy (Penny a Song)

If I had a penny for every song that invades my pondering pages
I’d be a rich man before very long for they flow like a river that rages
Like waves of an ocean they break on my shores 'til a welcome harbor they find
And with them the richest treasures outpour and unfold in my hungering mind

If I had a penny for each song in the night  that has gleamed in my darkened heart
Like a starry host up in heaven so bright to illumine  my soul with their art
And there in the darkness of that lonely place in my heart there is born a romance
If I will but listen my soul will be tuned and the music will  call me to dance

You give me a penny and I’ll cut it loose For a song’s not a song till it’s sung
I can still keep it stored in my heart if I choose to sing with a spiritual tongue
For ev-er-y song that’s receiv-ed affords truest  treasures  that you may not see
The songs form a circle  twixt me and my Lord for He is the songsmith in me

If I had a penny for ev-ery song that sings with the hosts’ harmonies
That treasure could cover up unrighteous wrongs For the Songsmith’s truth shall set us free
His song is an anthem that cancels our fears  and gives a song we can enjoy.
He is the Master of musical spheres for he is the Singer of Joy

Ephesians 5:19; Zephaniah 3:17; Job 38:6-7;
December 13, 2019
Anthony Foster

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