Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Student Art Exhibition

I showed up, as planned, to take a look at the installation of the SBTS First annual student art exhibition- except there was no installation. Dr. Halla and I swung into action and four hours later we had a presentable show with fourteen works, labels and (passable) lighting. Chef Pam added her culinary artistry and the chocolate lovers began obeying their olfactory senses. We probably had 40 folks show by the time I left, and this was early on.

I hope the efforts will shed some light on the potential for God glorifying visual arts in the seminary community. This was a small start, to be sure, but an important first step, I think. This, along with the inception of a new Student Arts group on campus(I met the principal from engagingculture.com at the opening) may provide the impetus for more and greater things down the road.

We also had a prolonged conversation with Dr. James Parker. I knew him from the early days back in Dallas and his work with the Trinity Institute study center.

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