Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Temple Trembles

The temple now trembles now as it is filled
By radiance and glory- all nature is stilled
God’s presence has come out from that most holy place
To meet with his children face to face.

We are the temple God’s Spirit indwells
Our heart is the altar where true praise now swells
A glorious building made of living stones
With light in our eyes and fire in our bones

The water that cleanses in the Holy laver
The altar where the One pure sacrifice finds favor
The showbread, the lampstand that is filled with light
The altar of incense where prayer takes its flight
The one tabernacle where God and man meet
The door, the way, the living vine, the one mercy seat
The ark the manna and living Rod-
the final Word of God
The slain lamb now stands-
and we see the Great I am.

The temple now trembles, the temple now quakes
God’s presence is revealed to us for our sakes
Though once we were cast out we now enter in
To feast with the Father once again.

April 22, 2008
Anthony Foster

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