Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day by Day on Vacation

Day One-Saturday we drove to Summerville, SC. We toured the town looking at the shops and the azalea gardens. We missed the blooming but it was still lovely.

Day Two:We attended Summerville Baptist on Sunday morning. Most of the staff there is from SBTS. From there we toured the old Middleton Plantation by carriage and by foot. We journeyed on to Patriot’s Point and Mt. Pleasant that afternoon. We had the best meal of our week at The Water’s Edge in Mt. Pleasant. . There we watched the porpoi – or maybe they were dolphins--play and the parade of dogs steeling themselves like hood ornaments on the front of the passing pleasure boats. I had what I would consider the best flounder i ever ate and the service and atmosphere was almost as good...

Day Three: Monday morning we toured the Yorktown, the Medal of Honor museum, and ferried out to Fort Sumter. Lunch was at the Okra Grill where everyone had a down home meal. Then on to the Hilton for the conference.

The conference started at 6 PM with David Jeremiah teaching from the book of James. The teaching for the entire conference seems to be taken from one of his books, Turning Toward Integrity.

The ministry’s old website is changing- it is becoming due to the proliferation of like sounding sites- people were getting confused as to whether they were on the right site or not.

Day Four: Tuesday morning was another session from James, followed by a short concert by David Phelps, who was looking a bit shaggy... He has a gifted voice, but I think he needs to go back and work with Bill Gaither on his deportment and especially his interaction with the audience. He didn’t even introduce the talented pianist and accompanist with him. This was especially notable since all the other artists- especially Mark Lowry- bent over backwards to recognize their backups.

We then went into Charleston and ate at Hyman’s Seafood. Compared to the Water’s Edge, the food was not as good. Then we took a carriage tour of Old Charleston, which was great.

Mark Lowry was on the bill for the evening and though I have not followed his career, it was nice to laugh so hard.

Day Five: On day three of the conference Dr. Jeremiah taught from James 5. It was a very good message on patience- waiting and the grip a culture of speed has on us as Christians.

Babbie Mason was in concert that evening.

Day Six: Day 4 of the conference we heard another message from James 5. We adjourned for home and returned to Summerville to enjoy the shops and flora.
Jerry and I saw Iron Man in the evening- (can you say "Tony Snark"?) and determined we had to have another movie weekend together sometime in the next few months.

Day Seven: We journeyed home on Friday stopping to eat and shop a bit- Strawberries and the Ky. Artisan’s Shop in Berea were the order of the day.

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