Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I’ll cast my life into the river and I will rest within its flow
For my pardon and my cleansing- I pray Thee Lord, make it so
I’ll flee from the flood of this world and instead
I’ll rest my head in the river’s bed
I’ll live day by day in its holy undertow
And with the river I’ll learn to flow.

Place my hard heart into the river’s stream
Like a diamond that you polished I would gleam
And Lord your currents will- cover me until
All I know is you alone
As you turn this stony heart into a polished stone

So take me down into the river and wash away my sin
For my pardon and my cleansing you complete what you begin
As I become a stone of grace polished by the currents of your love
You make me a rock you’ll build your Kingdom of
On earth just as in heaven up above.

Anthony Foster
August 19, 2008

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