Friday, September 19, 2008


Went to Actor Theater last night for the first of our subscription series of plays. This one was 43 Plays for 43 Presidents. It was a very lively, and entertaining, if a bit dark in places, series of 43 two minute plays based on the lives of our presidents.

The troupe was very talented and versatile, as five actors covered all the roles. At the end of the final performance the audience got to choose the 44th president and the troupe proceeded based on audience feedback. Obama was the overwhelming choice- a few couples, us included, failed to generate enough noise to compete. We are in high hopes that the general populace will render up some more boisterous support for McCain! Unfortuneatly, in these times, much ado about nothing makes all the difference.

Earnie and I gave the play two thumbs up.

Dinner, on the other hand was a tragic mistake.

Joe's Crab Shack lost its flagship restaurant and corporate offices to Ike, but I don't think that was the problem. We were told only one computer was working and that paying the bill would be slow, but as it turned out that was one of the few things that actually worked well.

It took the waitress four tries to get the order to us correctly, then the appetizer came out with the main course. The potatoes were soggy and the fish akin to Long John Silvers' quality. The waitress was unapologetic and snarky. Maybe a few adults could straighten the formerly good restaurant out.

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