Friday, October 24, 2008

The Cheese Event

This one warrants a complaint- I ordered two sausage egg biscuits at McDonalds- just like it says on the marquee- 2.19 each- then they charged too much --5.47-- and I asked about this-- window person asked if I wanted cheese, I responded "I didn't order cheese- no cheese".And then she corrected the order and charged the correct amount. When I got to the pickup window I asked "are you sure that this does NOT have cheese - I cannot eat cheese. I was told, "no cheese" So I pull off and check and sure enough, cheese on both sandwiches... So I park and get out in the pouring rain, go in and explain the situation- I do not want cheese... After apologies, I was mindlessly asked if I wanted cheese. I responde "No I do not want cheese- is this hard to understand?" Then I hear the front line manager asking the line to fill the order promptly. Then the lady who picked this up asked if I ordered cheese. At this point I yell, no cheese! I do not want cheese! I cannot eat cheese!. Then I asked the line manager what the problem was and informed her I would contact the corporate office to find out. This would all be funny if it wasn't so exasperating. am I to assume that no one at this location understands the concept of "No CHEESE?" --and by the way why did they add cheese in the first place when it is not featured on the menu marquis? I will never eat at this location-which is on the way to work for me- again. I have had mis-filled orders here three of the last four times I have eaten there.

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