Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Late December Song

Groans Too Deep for Words

Deep, deep is the falling night
As we weep our wounds shine bright
You cannot hide the holy pain
When there’s nothing to lose and nothing to gain
And the wrongness cannot seem to be made right

Devastation is our salvation
Dead to self and alive to the holy One
Transformation by New Creation
Taken to the depths of the soul by the Son
Rending my old garments as I am undone.

And every passion I have known
Pales in comparison to this new light
Blinding me and showing me the seeds I have sown
They had surely taken over in their blight
Now I know the blinded woundedness of this unseen sight.

Well a heart can cry and a soul can moan
And a body tells a truth that can be shown
And the Spirit gives voice to the prayers I groan
In this darkest night my mind has known
From this deepest well the most wondrous wail I’ve never heard
But my comforter intercedes for these groans to deep for words
For my redeemer bleeds with groans too deep for words.

Groans too deep for words
Groans too deep for words
Here in the fellowship of suffering
Here hidden beneath his sheltering wing
Here in this union hidden in the holy One
Where I come to know as I am known
As my heart becomes an altarplace…
I rest in the Peace that flows from Grace

Anthony Foster
December 28, 2008

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