Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas blog

As anyone who looks here might notice, the blogging has taken a back burner to studying for comprehensive exams, writing papers, presenting papers, conducting workshops and teaching of late. Eventually things will pick up again as I hope the flow won't dry up altogether.

Here's something I ran across from a dear cousin who passed away some years ago. She wrote it as a child in 1909...

December 17, 1909--Dear Santa Claus, I am a little girl nine years old and I live back on the river, five miles from Shepherdsville. Oh, Santa, you can come up the river. I am looking for you to come to see me, and I want you to bring me a doll and some oranges and a pair of shoes; and oh, Santa, don’t come down the chimney that has the stove pipe in it, you might get fastened. Santa, the roads are so rough I am afraid you will not come. I want you to come, so I will close. Please come. From Clara B. Trigg

Makes me smile.

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