Friday, May 22, 2009

We Already had a Year of the Bible- 1983

With all the brewhaha on Capital Hill and in the blogosphere over the so called Bible Bill, I thought I'd reminisce- Ronald Reagan declared 1983 the Year of the Bible with full Congressional support. So in my estimation, that may be another indicator of the decline of Christianity in the USA.

News Headlines from 1983

Record $189 Billion Deficit Is Projected

House Votes 228 TO 195 To Bar Covert "Contra" Aid

Korean Air Lines 007 Is Shot Down by Soviet Missile, 279 killed

US and Caribbean Troops Invade Grenada

Legendary Coach Bear Bryant Is Gone

Borg Quits At Apex Of His Career

Polygamy: Arizona Man had 105 Wives

Reagan Proposes Star Wars Plan

All OPEC Members Agree To Cut Oil Prices

Terrorists Bomb US Embassy In Beirut, Over 239 Marines and Sailors Die

Dow exceeds 1200 for the first time

Died, Buster Crab, Jack Dempsey, Arthur Godfrey

Dustin Hoffman stars in "Tootsie"

Supreme Court reaffirms it's 1973 (Roe Vs Wade) Right to abortion

Barny Clark the first artificial heart transplant dies after 112 days

People Express "no frills" airline starts

California Condor hatched in captivity

Hitler diaries are exposed as fraudulent

Israel's Begin resigns, replaced by Shamir

I'm not sure what my point is. I think I'd be satisfied if Christians would just read theirs.

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