Thursday, May 14, 2009



Once I was a wanderer on the wistful, wailing wind.
The wind still blows but I know the song it sings
Now I go with knowledge of the places it can send
I am but a sparrow but I ride on eagles’ wings.

This sparrow it has found its house, a nest that never falters
In a tree that knows no bending, here I sing
Where this sparrow surely lays its young, here upon your altars,
O LORD of hosts, my God and righteous King

I watch alone as upon the house top I now stand.
I cannot buy nor spend, I do not sow or reap the land,
Nor gather into barns from which to make my offerings
Fed by the Fathers all sufficient hand
I am but a sparrow but I ride on eagles’ wings.

A grateful soul set flying- as out of the fowlers snare:
The trap is broken, and we are set free
We are escaped to fly our flight above where eagles dare
To take our rest in heaven’s most blessed tree.

And in the living and the moving
My true Being God is proving.
In the feeding on the surety of the feast trusting brings
I am safe, secure, and resting on this rock that I am loving
This sparrow waiting on the Lord mounts up on eagles’ wings.

May 14, 2009
Matthew 6
Psalm 84:3
Psalm 124:7
Isaiah 40

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