Sunday, June 21, 2009

May He Keep You Close

May He keep you close in times of trouble
In green pastures may you feed
May He be your shepherd when you lose your way
And your provision in time of need

And may He keep you close to His holy heart
For he promised to n’ere forsake
So enter in to his perfect rest
As in His presence now you wake.

May God keep you close as day by day
You fight the holy fight
May He keep you close to righteousness
And give you songs in the deepest night
For the closeness that we seek to know
Is ours as in Him we hide
Till he returns to take us home
And he draws us to His side
He dwells in us and we in Him
So in obedient faith abide

May he keep you close in time of blessing
In times that draw our hearts away
May He do all that a loving Father
Would do to keep you from going astray

And may he keep you close to one another
Bound in the fellowship of peace
That comes from living in His light
Where the lonely find release

Anthony Foster
June 21, 2009

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