Saturday, June 27, 2009

Set Me To Singing

Lord set my heart to singing
In this barren wilderness
I have so much Lord to praise you for
I have so much to confess

When I bare my soul to the one who sees
With my unpure offering you’re pleased
And I’m lifted as I fall on my knees
And I sing my song to you

Lord set my soul to singing
Change the rhythm of my heart’s beat
Purify my store of wickedness
And remove all the deceit

For my weeping eyes I turn to you
Give me back my sight and my joy renew
When I’m drowning show me what to do
Let me sing a song to you.

Lord set my mind to singing
Bring new order to the strife
Let me set my mind on things above
Renew my fragmented life

In the stillness of the deepening night
In the clamor of the morning light
In the fever of the daily fight
I would sing a song to you

Anthony Foster
June 27, 2009

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