Friday, January 29, 2010

When the veil shall part

When the veil shall part, Christ will rend our hearts
And the truth shall be revealed.
When the veil shall part, then repentance starts
And we shall be truly healed

When our minds are confronted with a new reality
When the hearts of the hunted are given eyes that truly see
And the shadows of darkness lift and give us clarity
We shall then be free, yes truly free…

When the veil shall part, we will fill our hearts
All the cravings that have been concealed
By our fallen minds and eyes that are blind
In His light our spirits shall yield
For then we shall see him as he truly is
We will bend the knee and in one accord believe
As we see, finally see and bend the knee
Clearly see with clarity
So part the veil so we may truly see!

Anthony Foster
January 26, 2009

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