Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Belated Birthday 7

OOPS. Missed the fact that I have been blogging seven years as of January 18th. So much for seven being the number of perfection.

I hope the blog will be a bit more focused and vital going forward, and as much fun as it was to start. Not much of value here recently, I realize, but that is on my to do list to change!

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Larry Gott said...

Seven years! Yes, candles and balloons are called for! My blog will hit one year on June 12th. (No deductions allowed for 3 month sabbaticals).

Regarding your suggestions to self, "more focused" and "vital", I think you need to decide what you want to accomplish. Perhaps you need 2 or 3 blogs, one for Today's Culture, one for Humor, and one for Personalia. Or perhaps the latter two can be combined. (I think there is a place for broad-based blogs though...)

As for me, I may start up a second blog about Lewis, Tolkien, and their works -- but initially, PARTICULARLY about their lives.

Note: if not vital, at least they are focused.