Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh Holy Lamb, my offering

Oh Holy Lamb, my offering
In my place you were disgraced
Oh final sacrifice
Reconciliation’s price
You have conquered holy lamb
Victorious you stand
You are Faithful, you are true,
And I will follow you.

Oh bleeding lamb who stood again
Struck down by men like me
Men like me There on the tree
The beauty of the blood
The reconciling flood
From the sacred substitute
So resolute
My grace, my peace
Covenant feast
Who cleansed me of my guilty stains
And now only peace remains

I place my hands
Upon the lamb
Who was sent into my wilderness
And met me there in my distress

He holds the keys of death and hell
And all authority indwells
The holy lamb who was slain
He lives again so we proclaim

He is the one who lives who once was dead
He rose again just as he said
He lives forevermore
Now hear him roar.

Anthony Foster
April 2, 2010

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