Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh You Souls Who Cling To Dust

Oh you souls who cling to dust
Oh you souls who shortchange grace
Live your privilege and trust
Christ would fuel a fiery faith.

Oh you souls who love your sinning
Oh you souls who go your way
Your end is closer than your beginning
Number yet another day.

Oh you souls who serve your passions
Oh you souls who discount worth
Why subsist on meager rations
Till your bones return to the earth?

Oh you souls turn now and waken
Come to Jesus lest you die.
Else you find your self forsaken
Dead and damned and wondering why.

Oh you souls who are heavy laden
Cast your burdens on His grace
May your hearts be truly gladdened
As you seek his glorious face.

Jesus, he will run to meet you
He will heal your sinsick soul
By his mercy grace will greet you
As you come, ye’ll be made whole.

June 21, 2010
Anthony Foster

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