Saturday, July 2, 2011

The hard places in Adoption

Are perhaps not what you would think. This journey in the last year especially, has necessarily taken us away on weekends in terms of visiting new places and training, which has disconnected us from the body of Christ in serious ways. I have had to step back from any teaching commitements and have been unable to sustain consistency in most other commitments in any meaningful way.

It is a somewhat lonely road. On top of this, the necessity for secrecy required by the fact that adoptive children are wards of the state can be a challenge. We cannot, for instance share details of the joys, pictures, specific challenges and such with our friends in any detail. So there is an isolation that creeps in on that level for the good of the child. We pray that our friends will continue to lift us up and and one day soon we will be able to joy in the sharing of what is up in our lives.

All that being said, we are experiencing blessing on a level that was unforeseen as well, and getting to know ABBA in ways that we could only approximate before adoption became the focal point of our life.God is so very good.

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