Thursday, September 15, 2011


Separated, isolated
behind walls rising within
We were chained and devastated
By a lousy load of sin

For we made the ties that bound us
There was darkness where you found us
That does not have a name
It left us broken and ashamed

You were forsaken when you bore our sin
In your own body on the tree
That we being dead to sin
Could live eternally

To be the righteousness of God
For all the world to see our God
In your suffering, grace is now revealed
And by your wounds we are healed

You were hated when you came
And yet you bore our scorn
Despised the shame and took our blame
So we could be reborn

And by your cross love is revealed
By your stripes our wounds are healed
And your death became the final offering
And so to you Jesus, we will cling.

Christ has triumphed gloriously
Cast our sins into the deepest sea
To remember them against us no more
You give the power to forgive
You give the power now to live
You give the reason our souls can sing
And so to Jesus we shall cling.

Anthony Foster
September 15, 2011

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