Friday, January 6, 2012

Forever Family

(Theses posts can now be shared post-adoption)

We were given a vision to pursue
We’ve been searching now for so long.
We’ve walked away time and time again
When the prospects were all wrong

For God knew your needs and God knew our hearts
He planted the seeds that’s how true love starts
Now He’s brought us together and we’ll never be the same
He makes a forever family and Foster is our name.

The Lord gave a sense that it was right-
Sweet assurances of His plan;
Encouragement in little lovenotes
To remind us how this path began.

We prayed He’d make it obvious
When we sought you as our choice
So when we give our hearts to you
Your angels would rejoice.

Forever family
Forever Family
So we become all we can be
A Forever Family
Forever family
Forever Family
Dad and Mom and you make three
A Forever Family

Abba Father connects us
And calls us as His own
In His goodness He protects us
And we are never alone…

Anthony Foster
June 14, 2011

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