Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crystal Blue

Crystal blue, crystal blue
Are the precious pools I gaze into
To see reflected in their glance
The soul of a child who longs to dance.

And when I look I think I see
Glistening hope looking back at me
A spark of courage flashing bright
Shining with crystal blazing light.

But what’s behind those crystal eyes-
Behind this heart that God made wise?
I pray I might have strength to dare
To hope to see Christ’s healing there!

Crystal blue, crystal blue
These eyes that hold me in their view
What mysteries beyond them lie?
For I have never seen them cry.

They speak to me of bravery
And compassion rises up in me
They seem to seek to trust e’re long
To find a refuge and a home.

Crystal blue, crystal clue
Eyes of this child show me what is true
So the lines of your Spirit we can read
And we can learn to meet your need.

Anthony Foster
June 15, 2011

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