Monday, December 3, 2012


Guardians of the Glory
What must you think tonight?
Your charge has condescended
To put off his glorious rights
To come incarnate to earth
God with us now to dwell
Here in a mysterious birth
Lies the glory of Emmanuel

Amazed now stand the cherubim
And wings still shield their eyes
From the glory in the manger
Where mercy and peace lies
You never foresaw this event
So with us you stand amazed
For this veil of flesh shall soon be rent
And eyes will still avert their gaze

Yet now within a stable
His glory shineth bright
If men have eyes to see it
They’ll not forget the sight
Light to men and light to angels
Blazing glorious in the babe
Ancient of days and God Most High
Descends from glory, man to save

For ages past the angels
Have worshipped and called out
Of blessing honor, glory
And power they all shout
The most high has become low
The only begotten son
Amidst the cattle here below
And now he hears their song

We carry this light to the darkness
By this light of life we see
We walk by the Light of Blessedness
Revealer of marvelous mystery

Anthony  Foster
Christmas 2012

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