Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Awakening

Stir me up, remind me
Wake me from my sleep
Continue to awaken me
For I slumber long and deep.

Though great things we have known
We degrade them, to our harm
Instead to dullness we are prone
Halfhearted and lukewarm.

So feel the wonder of the truth
The greatness of its weight
We have no need for something new
So the old freshly relate.

Reminders and stirrings will
Cause us to feel some measure
Of the joy this Christmas can instill
Great joy shall be our treasure

So may indestructible joy
Dawn now upon our day
With God the object of our joy
It can’t be tak’n away.

And so this Christmas heed the Word
May the Spirit op’n our eyes
So our affections now are stirred
To see afresh the glorious Christ

Anthony Foster
After Piper
December 22, 2016

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