Friday, July 12, 2019


Draw us in to life eternal
Set our feet on solid ground
Guard our hearts from trials external
Take  us, shake us, break us down
Till you become our one desire
Set apart with holy fire
Help us lose our lives that they may be found!

Our heart exploits our mind
Our wants to justify
Taking up your cross
Doesn’t mean things denied
But to come to disdain
Your own authority crucified
To where no rights remain
For the sovereign’s sake
Till we follow His lead again
As the world our heart breaks

It is dying  to self and to living a lie
Willing to suffer, to sacrifice
Willing to take up our cross and to die
For the precious pearl of great price
A cross often worn but rarely borne
No moderate participation can suffice
For now our very life is Christ

July 13, 2019
Anthony Foster

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