Saturday, February 29, 2020

Father of Eternity

The Father of Eternity became a child of time
The Counselor of Wonder became mystery sublime
The Mighty God became a helpless thing
The Prince of Peace became a peace offering
This is the perfect paradox of which we sing

You came down from your glorious throne
You came to us to make the Father known
Oh Counselor of Wonder To your wisdom we will yield
As you tear the veil asunder your rich glory is revealed
By your counsel we will se our wounds are healed

You came to us to part the veil that hides God’s face
Yopu came to us to give to us the gift of grace
Oh Prince of Peace come down to us, be our Shalom tonight
For peace flows from your grace we trust, make us reconciled and right
Oh Prince of Peace you are our one delight

We could not reach to heaven’s height
We did not know we are not right
So love came down to be our cure
Save from death and make us pure
Now we can see true wisdom in the wondrous and the weak
Oh mighty God of Grace You became the very Word You speak

Oh Father of Eternity who created time and space
Wrap up yourself in dust and flesh in this dismal place
Oh Mighty God the Great I Am, the High exalted One
You have become a helpless lamb, a simple selfless Son
We see this glory and we are undone

Anthony Foster
February 29, 2020

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