Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Ark for Our Soul

Warm our hearts in your Word
It is our beacon and landmark
Be the roof over our heads
And deliver us by the True Ark.
Like Moses hid in the bullrushes
And was carried straight into your will
As your covenant was carried to battle
You go before us even still.

As Noah obeyed and was saved
Safe within acacia wood walls
Call us from a world that rages
Shelter us from stormy squalls
Waves of wrath won't overtake us
Through endless ages we sail
On suffering’s journey to glory
The Ark for our soul will prevail

Save us from this world of iniquity
While quenching the world's lust for blood
You are the vessel in which we are spared
You carry us through the flood

One ark held the manna and tablets
And kept for a time Aaron's rod
The mercy seat over the ark of our soul
Still takes us to stand before God
Vouchsafe our prayers to the Father
As on this great voyage we embark
To travelers on a storm-tossed sea
For You are the ultimate ark.

Anthony Foster
April 29, 2020

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