Friday, May 15, 2020

Taste and See

Taste and see -Taste and see the Lord, the Lord He is good...
Let your heart come and savor righteousness
Taste and see-Tune your heart and mind till you have understood
Partake of the holy flavor of blessedness

Come enjoy the pleasures this world can't replace
Come develop a palate for mercy and grace
Don't be satisfied with morsels,  come to His feast
Savor the flavor of glory and see it released.

Taste and see-For of the shadows you have had a foretaste
For echoes of glory are everywhere
Taste and see-Now savor the substance on which they are based
For in Christ is every answer to your prayers

You have basked in His warm rays, now look at the Son
Let your heart heed the music and be overcome
Oh don't let your deepest hunger be denied.
Go on to the banquet and be satisfied

Taste and see...-Focus your eyes and His splendor you'll face
I pray you'll pursue with all your might
Taste and see-At the cross is displayed mercy truth and great grace
Now taste of pure glory and savor the sight.

Lovingkindness and goodness are found in His name
Your desires are but embers, be fanned to a flame
When glory's revealed its fire  will refine
Your heart and your soul and your mind.

Taste and see-The good, the beautiful and the true
Take pleasure in His presence for eternity
Live and Be-find their source in Him who makes all things new
This gift is yours if you will taste and see.

Feel your soul strangely warmed  by this consuming fire
The enticement of glory girds every desire.
Oh don't let your deepest hunger be denied.
Go on to the banquet and be satisfied!

Psalm 34:8
May 13, 2020
Anthony Foster

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