Thursday, August 20, 2020

I Wonder


I think on the days gone by and I wonder.

Think of things beyond my eye and I wonder

Think of what I have been spared

Think of what I have not dared

And I wonder.


I stand astonished and amazed and I wonder.

At how I can remain unphased and I wonder.

By glories that I may yet gain

As I  marvel at the mere mundane

And I wonder

And I ponder

And I wonder.


There are miracles awaiting me

If the unseen I will see

For truth will surely set me free

As I wonder.


There is knowing in the doing and I wonder.

In the thing I am pursuing if I wonder

There is  awe in what’s been done

Is that beauty that’s begun

And I wonder.


I hear a glory in the call and I wonder.

And on my knees I’ll fall as I wonder.

And all my pondering will fail

And the weight of glory will prevail

And I wonder.


I can live and move and be

I can live the mystery

In the maker of eternity

And I wonder

Lost in wonder.

Found in wonder.


August 19, 2020

Anthony Foster


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