Friday, October 23, 2020

You Came

You came to the house of bread, as the bread of life you came
That our souls might be fed,  for to save us was your aim
As the manna from the sky God's people to sustain
Soon to die and rise again like a holy seed of grain

You came to Jacob's well  living water there to give
To quench the fires of hell and  our thirst that we might live
Living water for our souls, flowing from the Father's throne
Cleanse our hearts and make us whole and make your glory known

You came to Gethsemane to the olive grove to pray
Your voiced your earnest plea that God's wrath be turned away
There to sanctify His priest  with the olive oil applied
There your will it was released so we might be sanctified

You came on a wedding day in the fullness of God's  time
Working wonders to convey that messiah was divine
You became the righteous wine when your precious blood you shed
At your wedding feast to dine, there we drink and we are fed

To a darkened world you came to reveal eternal light
To glorify the Father's name and to bring the blind their sight
Light of this world now shine to show us all the way
A lamp  to help us find  the path  to your eternal day.

You came that your children might have life abundantly
You came to make us right and you came to set us free
You came to this world to die, you came that we might live
You  will come back bye and bye your deliverance to give

Anthony Foster
October 23, 2020

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