Sunday, July 18, 2021

Teach Us

Spirit of Christ who dwells within our hearts, 
Stoop to our weakness, mighty as you are, 
Wean us from sin, and fit us for above 
Make us love you and others as we ought to love. 

If you did not bid us love you, God and King, 
We could not see the cross, the final offering 
Now with all our heart and strength and mind 
Oh help us seek your love and let us find! 

Teach us to feel that you are always near 
Teach us through struggles and through tears 
Teach us the patience of unceasing prayer
Until we learn our burdens you will bear
Teach us Lord now how to repent
Turn us from Sin, remove our sinful bent
Holy Love, and holy justice meet with holy peace
Teach us to fain this world as kingdom priests!

Let this be our plan, our purpose and pursuit
To know and understand our Lord-may we be resolute
With One holy passion for your holy name
Our hearts an altar, and Your love the flame.
Our hearts an altar, and Your love the flame.

Inspired by a hymn by George Croly
Anthony Foster
July 18, 2021

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