Sunday, September 12, 2021

A More Sure Love

A more sure love 
A playful and pure love
A forever to endure love
That’s what we’ve got
A more true love
Everyday to renew love
It’s an all we can do love
That’s more than a lot.

And all these years later
Our love‘s even greater
And our talk ‘s even straighter 
Than when we began
Through the trials and tests
We have learned what is best
For each other is blessed
When we stick to God’s plan

A more tried love
A devoid of pride love
For the tears we’ve cried, love
Have caused us to grow
A patient and kind love
Make the ties that bind love
For those who will find love
We pray they will know

That someday years later
Your love‘s even greater
And your talk ‘s even straighter 
Than when you began
Through the trials and tests
Hope you’ve learned what is best
And each other is blessed
Cause you stuck to God’s plan

September 10, 2021
Anticipating our 44th wedding anniversary on September 24
Anthony Foster

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