Thursday, July 28, 2022

Romans 6


Anthony sez, Romans 6 is probably the text in the Bible I return to more often than any other point in Scripture. Every verse is life changing. Maybe you are like me: I constantly have to be reminded of what I already know. I have the following written in the flyleaf of my Bible, all point starting with an "R" to help me remember: By the power of the Holy Spirit, we have to Reckon Reality Rightly, then we have two choices: Reject the Truth or Receive the Truth: If the latter we will be moved to Repent, then Reject Sin's Reign, and Render oneself as a Righteous instrument to GOD. Then we step into the Reconciliation and Restoration found in God's Reality. Then Remember and Recount this truth as we live coram Deo- before the face of God. I am reminded of the words of an old Keith Green song: "I was lost in a fantasy that blinded me- until your love broke through." Remember: God gets to define reality, not man.... Here is a verse that turned in to song that I wrote in 2003-

Holy Sacrifice

Reckon the realities

Of all of our God’s mercies

Then reject the reign of sin

And the lies that draw you in

Render to the Lord instead

Body, soul, and heart and head

As instruments of righteousness

Presented to Him as you confess

Offer a living sacrifice

Pleasing now to God in Christ

This is worship that makes sense

A spiritual act as evidence

Not to the world to be conformed

Renew your mind and be transformed.

Then you will yourself be the proof

Of His mercies and His Truth

Good and pleasing, perfect too

Is the plan He has for you.

Romans 6:11-13, 12:1-2

Anthony Foster January 25, 2003

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