Tuesday, August 29, 2023

May Christ be Magnified

In  Christ we live and move and have our being

In Christ we give to prove the  faith the world is seeing

Lord, may we by our living

May we by our moving

May we by our being

See Christ be magnified

In Christ we have a more sure hope than the world can give

In Christ we have the means to cope and the means to live

So may we by our hoping

May we by our giving

Even by our coping

See Christ be Magnified.

We want to see you maginified in  our lives Lord, 

We want to show you as the worthy one to be adored

We want the world to see the grace of God can’t be ignored

So we will live our lives

We will give our lives

As a living sacrifice of praise outpoured

In Christ we have abundant life, a gift for us to live

In Christ we have unending love, that we must learn to give

So even in our giving, 

May we in our loving

May we in our living

May Christ be magnified

May Christ be magnified.

Anthony Foster

August 29, 2023

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