Friday, August 11, 2023

Deconstruction Blues

Tear it down, put on a show

Examine yourself to death

Question all the truth you know

And what are you left with?

A prisoner of self here below

Suck it up, strut and preen

Celebrate as delusions grow

But you forget what it may mean

To know that you know that you know.

This hubris too shrewd to be seen…


It seems chaos reigns

Your strength quickly drains

Your burdens on him cast

Lay them down at last

Know God is in control

Or you’ll boggle your soul

Though boondoggled and wrong

He will carry you along

Stare blindly as you see it unravel

Take care of this road that you travel

Reckon reality Be blessed

When troubled and tired

Your best will not pass the test.

Confused and mentally mired

Turn to Christ and find rest

Turn to Christ and find rest

Turn to Christ and find rest

July 26, 2023

Anthony Foster

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