Friday, March 15, 2024


You were speaking so clearly but I could not hear-
Until You enlivened my ear

I was deaf to your words -their meaning unclear-
Until you enlivened my ear

Then faith came by hearing with ears you made new

I heard your voice calling and I followed you

Came out from that grave  like you told me to do

When You enlivened my ear

Your light shown around me but I’d not realize-
Until You illumined my eyes

I saw words on a page but I was not wise-
Until You illumined my eyes

Then when you made my blind eyes to see

I could become what I was created to be

You transformed my life when your light fell on me

Yes Lord you illumined my eyes

I was not seeking so I could not find-
Until You awakened my mind

My thoughts were darkened but then your light shined-
When You awakened my mind

I didn’t know what I didn’t know

Tossed like a ship in the wind to and fro

Lost in a fantasy ‘til the Way you would show

For You have awakened my mind

My heart was far from you, tearing apart-
Until you converted my heart

It was hardened and stubborn till grace You’d impart 
When you converted my heart

You gave a heart of flesh for my heart of stone

A heart of deceit- broken and alone

Was devastated by the kindness you’ve shown

When you converted my heart

I had a void inside of me till you filled that hole-
When you regenerated my soul

Thought I was good but I was out of control-
Till you regenerated my soul

I was your enemy far from your way

No hope for the future, no peace for the day

Weary and worn with no prayers to pray

Till you regenerated my soul

Now my ears and eyes, my heart, soul and mind

Are in you  and through you and by you defined

Drawn, called, and quickened, the Truth I could find

With my ears and eyes, heart, soul and mind

With my ears and eyes, heart, soul and mind

Eph 1:18-19; Ps 18:28; Ro 12:1-2; John 9:39, 14:6

1 Peter 1:22-23;2 Cor 3:18; Mt 5:14-16, 18:3;

Jer 5:21; Ex 12:2; Is 42:15-19

March 15, 2024

Anthony Foster

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