Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Strangest Week in Memory

We watched the stream of Pastor Fred's memorial service yesterday as it was happening. I have watched video of similar broadcasts, but this one was different in that we were able to identify with what our friends were experiencing as it was happening.

I was really proud of the way Cindy glorified God in her eulogy. She did much good in her affirmation of the body there and in here modeling of self control and grace. Joy in the death of a loved one is such a bittersweet paradox, yet she displayed it to a watching world powerfully and peacefully.

We continue to pray for our friends at FBCM- for as the pastor who is speaking this weekend alluded, hard times are still ahead. the memory of what happened last sunday will linger on and it will be a challenge to some more than others to focus on the priority of worship. God's grace is sufficient in even this.

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