Saturday, July 25, 2009

Encouragement Appreciated!

We are seeing movement with both our home studies - state and private agency-toward adoption. We are excited about the potentials, but a little anxious as we have had so many dead ends on our search thus far. After going through the state training and becoming resource parents for the state, we have been approved for adoption of up to three children and are looking for a sibling group that we can help preserve instead of seeing them broken up. I just read an article in Southern's Towers publication about the resolution Dr. Moore made at the convention that was so well received. This is a point of deep conviction with us, and we are encouraged that so much is breaking at large with a spirit of adoption growing in our midst.

That brings to mind another point- the state systems involved in the adoption process...resolutions are one thing, but the need for streamlining and reforming the systems that govern adoption in our fair state must be addressed as well. I hope the Baptist community can be involved with this process. For every child we pursue there are scores of other families submitting home studies as well. We are hopeful that perseverance will prevail, but if anyone tells you it is an easy thing to adopt in this culture, please be wary.

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